February 24, 2003
40 More

Another forty minutes, twenty minutes at the slower pace with longer strides and twenty minutes at a faster pace to burn calories, on the StairMaster.

kymberlie said at 10:00 PM in Exercise
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Weekend Workouts

I stuck with my typical weekend workouts and did twenty minutes not too long after waking up.

Exercising before you eat is supposed to make you burn stored fat and be equivalent to working out for twice as long. Of course, not having eaten, it’s too hard to work out for an extended amount of time, but I can do twenty minutes if I keep it pretty easy with longer strides. Quite a butt workout too.

kymberlie said at 01:20 AM in Exercise
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February 23, 2003
Workout CD

This is late considering sign-ups end tomorrow, but if you want some good music to workout to, go join Alison’s First Ever Supa-Cool Fitness/Diet Blogger Workout CD Swap.

Basically, you make four copies of a mix CD, keep one for yourself, and send out the others to other bloggers. Sounds like a great way to get some good music to me!

kymberlie said at 06:00 PM in General
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