February 20, 2003
Thurday Workout

I came home and got on the StairMaster and did another forty minutes, twenty minutes at the slower pace with longer strides and twenty minutes at a faster pace to burn calories. I could feel both a soreness in my stomach muscles and was quite sweaty. I hope that I start seeing some payoff from these sessions soon.

kymberlie said at 11:16 PM in Exercise
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More Updating Needed

Christine called today and reminded me that it’s been like ten days since I’ve updated over here. Bad me!

I have been exercising, but for whatever reason, I just been coming over here and updating, so here’s a quick run down of the last week and a half.

Last week I worked out probably four days on the StairMaster and one day in the gym. Did okay at best on eating better.

This week I StairMastered Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for thirty-five to forty minutes. I’m doing a different approach where the first twenty minutes is spent doing it slower, but with long steps. It should help tone my leg and butt muscles. The last fifteen or twenty minutes are to burn calories.

I’ve been eating snacks twice a day for the last few days and having a lighter dinner. I’ve also given up cokes at night (believe me, this is the hardest thing for me) and gone to drinking Crystal Light (grapefruit flavor). I’m not limiting my cokes too much during the day, but I hope to get it down to two soon.

Okay, that’s the catch-up post. I hope to start posting more regularly in here again now.

kymberlie said at 03:31 PM in General
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