February 10, 2003
Monday's Workout

We were supposed to go to dance class tonight, but I haven’t been feeling very motivated to go, so Steven and I cancelled. To make up for it I did forry minutes on the StairMaster with ten minutes at level four and ten minutes at level five. Go, me!

kymberlie said at 11:17 PM in Exercise
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TiVo Equation

Thanks to having a TiVo near the StairMaster I have a nifty little equation for you:

40 minutes on the StairMaster = 1 hour of television minus commercials

Nice to see that I save a third of my time by using TiVo.

kymberlie said at 10:56 PM in General
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February 09, 2003
Thursday Through Sunday: the Wrap-Up

Seems like I’m always doing a catch up post for Thursday through Sunday. :-)

Even though I was really tired and I didn’t want to exercise, I made myself do forty minutes on the StairMaster. The best thing: I did the first thirty minutes at level four and the last ten at level five. That’s harder than I’ve StairMastered in quite some time and I could really tell when I got off. This is going to be the new times/levels until I can do even more.

Did twenty minutes at level three before I ate, effectively doubling my time on there.

Same as yesterday.

kymberlie said at 11:46 PM in Exercise
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