February 05, 2003
Another Forty

I did another forty minutes on the StairMaster when I got home today despite the fact that Steven actually had my tennis shoes (I wore my sandals and they worked just fine, thankfully). Same drill as yesterday with the first ten minutes done at level three and the rest done at level four.

I think in the upcoming week I’m going to push it to level five and see if I survive.

kymberlie said at 11:41 PM in Exercise
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Back With a Vengence

After the period from Hell which prevented me from working out and caused me to eat really bad, I hit the StairMaster yesterday with a vengence. I did forty minutes, the first ten at level three and the rest at level four.

I’m pretty disgusted with how I look right now, so I’m going to use that to fuel my desire to workout.

kymberlie said at 11:23 AM in Exercise
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I’ve been trying to do the five small meals a day thing, which results in me bringing a baggie with an orange in it (which Steven so thoughtfully peels for me every night) and another baggie with some lunch meat in it.

Steven remarked this morning that I needed a lunchbox, so I immediately hit eBay and found this - an Army of Darkness metal lunchbox (which even comes with a shot glass). I am now set to bring my snacks in style to the office. Groovy!

Click here if you need a color ink refill.

kymberlie said at 11:16 AM in Food
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