January 22, 2003
Damn Cookie

Since I’m trying to be honest here, I must confess that for lunch today I had a piece of cheese pizza and a cookie. Damn Aunt Flo and her cravings!

kymberlie said at 03:12 PM in Food
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January 21, 2003

I was going to come home and StairMaster for forty minutes again. I had just entered a bunch of items for trade over at Swappingtons (if you sign up, please use kymberlie as your referrer) and was getting ready to get on the StairMaster when I saw the 2003 Bloggie nominations were posted. I was elated to find out that Neurotic Fishbowl was nominated for two awards (best designed and best new weblog), so I didn’t get on right away. When I did finally get on, Steven was already home with supper so I only did twenty minutes tonight.

Bad workout, but who could blame me? :-)

kymberlie said at 11:17 PM in Exercise
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January 20, 2003
Another Forty

Steven and I decided to skip dance class tonight (we take advanced two step and polka) so I came home and StairMastered for another forty minutes, the first twenty on level 3 and the last twenty on level 4. Man, it felt good to burn so many calories!

Probably a good thing that I did the extra time because I drank too many cokes tonight. Bad Kymberlie!

kymberlie said at 11:55 PM in Exercise
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January 19, 2003
Weekend Update

I really only use the weekends for exercising. I eat whatever I want (within reason) because it’s the weekend, damn it! I’ll try to watch what I eat during the week so I don’t have to during the weekend.

So, back to the update. Both Saturday and Sunday I StairMastered for twenty minutes before I ate, meaning that I burned fat and not just calories. They say if you can StairMaster first thing, it’s like doing twice as much exercise. I also did some ab roller exercises both days as well. Nothing too impressive, but not bad nonetheless.

kymberlie said at 08:44 PM in Exercise
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