January 16, 2003
Two Words

I have two words for you: forty minutes. I just did forty minutes on our StairMaster at level 4 the whole time.

I think what allowed me to go for so long is the new TiVo in the back room. I had the $50,000 National Pastry Competition recorded from The Food Network and was able to watch almost the whole thing. It kept me entertained and not focused on the fact that I was STILL StairMastering.

Now I am off to eat some cereal for dinner!

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January 15, 2003
First Full Day

Yesterday was actually the day I launched the site, but since I didn’t get to exercise then (my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner), this is the first day I get to record everything.

I didn’t get to drink all of my water today because our building had no water for a while and I had already had to pee in a toilet that wouldn’t flush plenty of times by the afternoon. I will drink all of it tomorrow, though.

For lunch today I had a roasted chicken six inch sandwich from Subway. It did have cheese and I had a piece of bacon on the side, but it wasn’t a terrible lunch, I don’t think. For a mid-afternoon snack it was pretzels from the vending machine and then dinner was soup and toast with an orange for dessert.

Today was my first day in the gym in a long time, so it was a good workout, but not overly tough. I would like to be able to move tomorrow. I started out with about four sets of lunges on the Smith machine with no weight. I then did four sets of shoulder presses with ten and twenty pounds of weight. I moved next to shoulders and did shoulder presses (sitting upright, pushing against the weight; have no idea what the proper term is), four sets with ten and twenty pounds. I finished up with bicep curls with twenty and thirty pounds in three sets. Later at home I did ten reps with the ab roller.

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I was talking to my mom today and she mentioned she’s lost 30 pounds. What an inspiration! I am so proud of her. Way to go, Mom!

And, Mom, thanks for stopping by and wishing me luck. Your love and support are always a wonderful thing.

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Lovely Lunch

I had a good lunch today - most of a 6" roasted chicken breast sandwich from Subway and a couple of pieces of bacon. I had some cheese on it, but no mayonnaise. Not too bad for a new leaf.

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January 14, 2003
A New Beginning

Most of my New Year’s resolutions for this year had to do with weight loss.

With that in mind, I started this blog, Changes - Turning Over a New Leaf, in hopes that by having somewhere to record my progress in a public venue I would be more inclined to actually keep those resolutions.

I probably won’t do any calorie counting (at least to start), but I do hope to record my workouts and my water drinking on here.

I’m not sure how interesting this is going to be for other people, but please feel free to leave comments and encouragment. One can always do with a little help from their friends!

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