April 18, 2003
Major Update

I haven’t posted here in almost two weeks, so here’s an update for that time.

Monday, April 7th:
Thirty minutes on the StairMaster (if I recollect correctly).

Tuesday, April 8th:
Forty minutes on the StairMaster.

Wednesday, April 9th:
Only thirteen minutes on the StairMaster since we got some Astros tickets at the last minute and I had to get ready to go.

Thursday, April 10th:
I was quite proud of myself on this day because I did an hour and ten minutes on the StairMaster at pretty high levels too.

Saturday, April 11th:
Twenty minutes on the StairMaster before eating anything, effectively doubling my time.

Sunday, April 12th:
Twenty minutes on the StairMaster before eating anything, effectively doubling my time.

Monday, April 12th:
Either twenty or forty minutes on the StairMaster. I can’t remember.

Tuesday, April 13th:
Forty minutes on the StairMaster.

Wednesday, April 14th:
Twenty minutes at a pretty good clip on the StairMaster.

Thursday, April 15th:
Fell asleep when I got home and didn’t feel like exercising when I woke up, so I didn’t.

On other fronts, the water drinking and the eating decent lunches are pretty much out of the window. I’m having a crappy time at work and feeling a lot of pressure from other sources in my life and I’m doing something I haven’t done in probably six or seven years - comfort eating. I’m hoping I can begin to get some thing under control and not do this. Wish me lots of luck.

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January 27, 2003
Weekly Wrap-up

I bet everyone thought I had died or at least quit exercising, huh? ;-) Not the case, so here’s the wrap-up for the week.

Steven and I went to the gym and I did biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, and lunges - four or five sets of varying reps for each. I also came home and did about thirty crunches.

I got my hair done, so by the time I got home it was kind of late and I didn’t feel like working out, so I didn’t.

I did twenty minutes on the StairMaster at level 3 before I ate which burns more fat. I also did forty crunches.

Another twenty minutes before eating, but I forgot to do my crunches. Oops. Update: before going to bed I did twenty crunches.

I’m still drinking all my water (or close enough to it) at work. I’m getting ready to have a visit from Aunt Flo, though, so my eating is a little worse. I expect that trend to continue into this week, unfortunately.

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January 15, 2003
First Full Day

Yesterday was actually the day I launched the site, but since I didn’t get to exercise then (my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner), this is the first day I get to record everything.

I didn’t get to drink all of my water today because our building had no water for a while and I had already had to pee in a toilet that wouldn’t flush plenty of times by the afternoon. I will drink all of it tomorrow, though.

For lunch today I had a roasted chicken six inch sandwich from Subway. It did have cheese and I had a piece of bacon on the side, but it wasn’t a terrible lunch, I don’t think. For a mid-afternoon snack it was pretzels from the vending machine and then dinner was soup and toast with an orange for dessert.

Today was my first day in the gym in a long time, so it was a good workout, but not overly tough. I would like to be able to move tomorrow. I started out with about four sets of lunges on the Smith machine with no weight. I then did four sets of shoulder presses with ten and twenty pounds of weight. I moved next to shoulders and did shoulder presses (sitting upright, pushing against the weight; have no idea what the proper term is), four sets with ten and twenty pounds. I finished up with bicep curls with twenty and thirty pounds in three sets. Later at home I did ten reps with the ab roller.

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