March 31, 2003
Water Water Everywhere

I’ve decided there is no reason to not drink my water, so I’ve come up with a little system to help me remember what glass number I’m on and talked Steven into giving me $1.00 for every day that I drink the 68 ounces of water that I’m supposed to.

Here’s to making $1.00 today since I had all my water!

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Listed on BlogShares Just so you know, Changes - Turning a New Leaf is now listed on BlogShares. Go buy some (fake) stock in me. It’s quite fun.

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March 25, 2003
Thirty Minutes

I managed to make it through thirty minutes yesterday on the StairMaster (forgot to post them- whoops!), but that was it. I figured since I haven’t worked out much lately, it’s good to start out slow.

I also got my CD from Trish and it looks like another excellent mix. I’m so loving this CD exchange!

kymberlie said at 04:34 PM in Exercise
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March 23, 2003
Back To The Workout

After not being able to work out for a few weeks due to strep thoat, I was finally able to get up on the StairMaster this weekend for a total of forty minutes, all before eating anything. I didn’t go very hard since I figured it would probably kill me, but it was kind of nice to get back in the groove of things.

I also wanted to thank Amy, Lisa, and Gillian for their CDs through Allison’s CD swap. Mad props go out to Allison for organizing the whole thing and for making the most kick-ass mix CD I have ever seen!

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March 18, 2003
Happy Birthday to Me!

I just had to say happy birthday to me. I am having a fabulous day! Whee!

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March 12, 2003
Strep Throat It Is!

I went to the doctor today and he confirmed what my boyfriend had suspected - I have strep throat. Looks like there won’t be any posts here until I kick it.

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March 09, 2003
Working Out Tracks

I just finished addressing the envelopes that my CDs for Alison’s First Ever Supa-Cool Fitness/Diet Blogger Workout CD Swap are getting mailed in. On the first pass through all my music, I chose five hours of tunes, so getting everything down to one CD was virtually impossible. Everyone in the two groups I’m in lucked out because I decided to make two CDs instead of just one. The first CD is more upbeat and techno, but I think both of them ought to be good to work out to. If you’re curious about what songs I chose, just keep reading.

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March 06, 2003
Sickly Excuses

I realize it’s been a while since I posted, but I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up as to what’s going on.

Last week was PMS and The Period From Hell, so no excercising was done. Currently, I’m under the weather with some flu-type sickness, so I don’t know when I’ll be exercising again - probably not before Sunday at this point.

Anyway, I’m not dead and I received two CDs from Amy today that I can’t wait to exercise to. Thanks for the great music, Amy!

kymberlie said at 11:36 AM in General
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