Who Are You?
My name is Kymberlie McGuire. You might know me through my other blogs, Neurotic Fishbowl or Picture Fish. I am twenty-seven years old (soon to be twenty-eight) and, like almost everyone else, would like to lose a little weight.

I haven't had a weight problem my whole life. When I was in high school, I marched the bass drum and with ten hour practices during the summer, weighed only about 120 pounds. That was about to change, though. During my senior year, I no longer worked out once band was over. I was with a guy that liked to eat a lot and consequently, I began to love to eat as well. I think back to how we would go to Jack In The Box on the way home from school and get six or seven double cheeseburgers to go. I cannot believe that I ever ate this much food. Add in the fact that the relationship started to go sour and I became depressed and it was a recipe for disaster. By the time I was a junior in college I weighed close to 200 pounds.

My senior year in college, my boyfriend and I broke up, devestating me. I became severely depressed and didn't eat anything. I dropped almost thirty pounds in just a few weeks. Eventually I pulled out of the depression and while I got down to about 130 pounds, I never really acted all that healthy. I didn't exercise and I ate really, really badly. Then I met Steven.

Steven and I started dating in December of 1997. He went to the gym often, a concept foreign to me, but I started going along. For a while, I was even pretty into the gym, but that has changed lately.

Why Do This?